Happy is the Child with the family who love, advice and support them.

Marina, 15 year old

I have the right and obligation to go to school

Marko, 10 years old

I have the right to live and play, and it must be heard by everyone.

Jelena, 9 years old

I have the right to be protected and no one can abuse me.

Milan, 6 years old

True family should, from the our earliest period, teach us how to love and respect.

Jovana, 16 year old

Every year, we celebrate 20th November as International Child's Rights Day, because on that day the UN General Assembly adopted the Convention on the Rights of the Child. The Convention is a unique international document, primarily due to the fact that for the first time it introduces children as subjects of international law and protection. In a very short time it has been accepted by 193 countries, which is further evidence of its importance.

In Republic of Srpska, 20th jubilee birthday of the Convention was marked in 2009. at the Central manifestation in Modriča, when the whole municipality was marked by jubilee. It was agreed that each subsequent central manifestation is in the school that is particularly deserving. This year the host is Elementary School "Branko Ćopić" from Banja Luka, because according to data from the Ministry of Education and Culture, it has the best results in learning and behavior. With appropriate program, students showed that adults need to understand that children's rights must be a law for everyone. Through song and verses they spoke on their right to a name, right to health and education, parental care and attention, right to play and leisure time. For all attending a special highlight was the performance of the song that bears the name of this school in which they claim that they gained knowledge there and will be remembered for having come from school "Branko Ćopić". Prizes for the best literary works to the participants of the competition "I speak in the name of generation" and "They ask me" were awarded by the Public Fund for Child Protection, the Ministry of Education and Culture and the Ministry of Family Youth and Sports.

The following were awarded:  

Elementary School - classroom teaching

First place: Mitar Krsmanović, IVth grade ES "Kosta Todorović", Skelani

Second place: Sasa Luburić, V3 ES "Mladen Stojanović", Laktaši

Third place: Anastasija Tadić, IV5, ES "Petar Kočić", Prijedor

Elementary School - subject teaching

First place: Aldin Kovačević, VIII1 ES "Sveti Sava", Dubrava

Second place: Marina Baltić, IX1 ES "Ćirilo i Metodije", Trnopolje

Third place: Mile Bošković, IX1 ES "Branko Ćopić", Banja Luka

High schools

First place: Miroslava Mijatović, IV5 Technical School "Mihajlo Pupin", Bijeljina

Second place: Taša Mirnić, IV5 Electro-technical School, Banja Luka

Third place: Olivera Đurić, IV3, Economic and trade School, Doboj