I have the right to live and play, and it must be heard by everyone.

Jelena, 9 years old

I have the right and obligation to go to school

Marko, 10 years old

True family should, from the our earliest period, teach us how to love and respect.

Jovana, 16 year old

Happy is the Child with the family who love, advice and support them.

Marina, 15 year old

I have the right to be protected and no one can abuse me.

Milan, 6 years old

UN Committee on the Rights of the Child by considering the combined second, third and fourth periodic report of Bosnia and Herzegovina on the rights of the child, again expressed its concern over the fact that in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in many areas the realization of the rights of the child is not ensured in accordance with the requirements and basic principles of the Convention.

The Committee in particular urges the State to ensure respect for the rights of the child at all levels of government, and to take all necessary measures to address the recommendations given to Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2005. after considering the first initial report.

The Committee, inter alia, expressed its concerned regarding

- The principle of the best interest of the child did not find its full implementation and in particular that it has not been adequately applied in situations where children are deprived of family environment, and that the comprehensive system of guardianship, particularly foster care is lacking,

- Lack of statistical data relating implementation of the Convention, as well as database on violence against children and lack of coordinated system of comprehensive data collection related to all children up to 18 years of age,

- The limited application of the Law on prohibition of discrimination,

- The fact that views of children are rarely taken into account related to curriculum and teaching materials,

- The type and length of sentence for sexual abuse of children.

The Committee has recognized measures and activities that the State has undertaken since submission of the first report, in the part of adoption of new legal solutions and their amendments thereto, ratification of international documents and adoption of certain institutional measures and policies, and has welcomed the establishment of an independent Institution of the Ombudsman for Children in Republic of Srpska.

The Committee expressed an expectation that the new report, which is expected by September 5. 2017, will include information on all measures and activities undertaken with the aim of realization of given recommendations.