I have the right and obligation to go to school

Marko, 10 years old

True family should, from the our earliest period, teach us how to love and respect.

Jovana, 16 year old

Happy is the Child with the family who love, advice and support them.

Marina, 15 year old

I have the right to be protected and no one can abuse me.

Milan, 6 years old

I have the right to live and play, and it must be heard by everyone.

Jelena, 9 years old

The Ombudsman for Children of Republic of Srpska has organized a round table with the topic "Sexual exploitation of children in Republic of Srpska". The fundamental right of every child, the right to life and development is seriously threatened by various forms of abuse and exploitation. Sexual abuse and exploitation of children is the worst form of violence against children and has severe and permanent consequences on dignity, health, development, upbringing and education of children - and the question is whether we have done enough to protect them?

Introductory remarks about the sexual exploitation of children in Republic of Srpska had Prof. Dr. Ivanka Marković from the Faculty of Law in Banja Luka, who spoke on the International standards and legal frameworks to combat sexual violence against children, Olga Lola Ninković, psychologist, spoke about the experience of the District Court of Banja Luka, and a journalist of the news agency SRNA Mariana Šarčević on experiences from media coverage.

At the round table was pointed out that society must face the problem of sexual violence against children, as the most serious form of violence which is not and should not be a matter of the family regardless of the fact that it usually happens within it.

Numerous participants, representatives of the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Family Youth and Sports, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Health and Social Protection, Ministry of Justice, Public Safety Center Banja Luka, Republic Pedagogical Institute, social welfare centers, primary schools and NGOs and Young Advisors of the Ombudsman for Children have recognized various situations in which it can be acted in order to enhance the protection of children from these phenomena, and among other things, highlighted the problem of lack of prevention and education, lack of connection between institutions, lack of a unique database.

Nada Grahovac LLM, the Ombudsman for Children, said that, according to the MIA of Srpska data, in Republic of Srpska from 1996. to 2002. 61 reports for sexual abuse of children were filed, and from 2008. until mid - 2011.128 reports against perpetrators of sexual violence against children were filed, but these indicators do not reflect the actual situation on the ground and that the actual number of children living with trauma, hurt and humiliated, remains forever unknown.

Council of Europe has launched a campaign that warns that every fifth child, on its way of growing up, was exposed to some form of sexual abuse, and urges the States, in order to protect children, to undertake a whole range of measures and activities, including:

- to identify sexual violence against children as a serious social problem
- to define the measures and programs of prevention and education
- to harmonize legislation
- to adequately punish perpetrators