True family should, from the our earliest period, teach us how to love and respect.

Jovana, 16 year old

I have the right to live and play, and it must be heard by everyone.

Jelena, 9 years old

I have the right to be protected and no one can abuse me.

Milan, 6 years old

I have the right and obligation to go to school

Marko, 10 years old

Happy is the Child with the family who love, advice and support them.

Marina, 15 year old

The Ombudsman for Children of Republic of Srpska within the project "Preparation for the certification of peer educators on the rights of the child for Young Advisors of the Ombudsman for Children of RS" in collaboration with the Government of Republic of Srpska Gender Centre, and with the financial support of FIGAP Program implemented the first of three training seminars for Young Advisors.

The first seminar on the topic "UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and Gender Equality" was aimed at introducing young people with basic rights and principles of the Convention, gender equality and basic knowledge about peer education.

High school students from Doboj, Foča, Bijeljina, Brod, Šamac, Kozarska Dubica, Prnjavor Vlasenica, Teslić, Modriča, Nova Topola, Derventa, Gradiška and Banja Luka gathered around a common idea to learn as much as possible about the rights of the child, for three days took an active part in the work of six workshops.

The Ombudsman for Children Nada Grahovac LLM by socializing with Young Advisors has invited them to promote child's rights in their communities and familiarized them with the opportunities to participate in the European Network of Young Advisors.

The workshops on the rights of the child and the principles of the UN Convention, peer education, ENYA activities and creation of promotional poster were realized by employees of the Ombudsman for Children, and introduction to gender equality - Young people as partners in achieving gender equality was realized by MA Anita Šimundža and MA Dijana Tepšić from the Government of Republic of Srpska Gender Centre.

Young Advisors have learned on all topics by interactive methods which enabled them to express their opinions, experiences, knowledge and ask questions. These experiences are particularly important to the Institution because young people in best manner present their own ideas, views, and point to problems they face in exercising and protecting their rights.

Although little time remained for social and leisure activities, young people, trough laughing, joking and spending time in nature have gained new friends and are eagerly expecting the next seminar. Until then, some of Young Advisors will hold the workshops on the rights of the child at their schools and will transfer the acquired knowledge in their schools and communities.