True family should, from the our earliest period, teach us how to love and respect.

Jovana, 16 year old

I have the right to be protected and no one can abuse me.

Milan, 6 years old

I have the right and obligation to go to school

Marko, 10 years old

I have the right to live and play, and it must be heard by everyone.

Jelena, 9 years old

Happy is the Child with the family who love, advice and support them.

Marina, 15 year old

President of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska Igor Radojicic visited the institution of the Ombudsman for Children, where he met with PhD Nada Grahovac, the Ombudsman for Children and talked about number of issues related to the protection of children's rights.

Ombudsman for Children, in accordance with the law, handed over the Annual Report for the year 2013, which will be examined at the next session of the National Assembly of the Republic of Srpska.

In this regard, the President of the National Assembly has shown interest in the topics that are part of the report, particularly to those related to the amendments of the Family Law and the Law on Primary and Secondary Education.

In discussion about the Family Law, the Ombudsman for Children introduced President with the need for better regulation of the adoption of children. Also discussed were the issues of education - curricula, textbooks, inclusion and teaching assistants.

The President said that the issue of the weight of school bags, initiated by the Ombudsman for Children, has engaged a number of institutions that can contribute to reduction of school bags weight, and that Republic Pedagogical Institute and the Institute for Textbooks are already working on it.

The Ombudsman for Children has highlighted the need to harmonize domestic legislation with the requirements of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, and common position of the President of the National Assembly and the Ombudsman for Children is that is necessary to work on the cooperation and constant communication of institutions whose competence is providing child care.